Dorothy Czylyski, MSc



(416) 235-0909

We know that clients have huge quantities of information at their fingertips. But they often don’t have the resources or tools to turn that information into action.

Dorothy brings 15 years of experience in pharmaceutical product marketing and client service. Before joining Fresh Squeezed Ideas, she worked at various medical communications and advertising agencies in Toronto – Medicus LifeBrands and Klick Health, among others. With a Master of Science degree in Clinical Pharmacology and a Business Management Certificate from the University of Toronto, Dorothy possesses a unique blend of science and marketing savvy.

I see myself as a creative person, and I love bringing new ideas to life. Fresh Squeezed Ideas offers the opportunity to exercise that creativity both internally with the team, and externally on projects. Clients look to us to provide a creative approach to their business challenges by gathering deep insights from their customers – be it patients or healthcare professionals – then transforming those insights into actionable recommendations and usable strategies for brand planning.


Working at ad agencies in the past, my teams would spend the majority of their time on project execution. We rarely had time to think. But you need that time to think if you want to provide real strategic value. This is what Fresh Squeezed Ideas does: we think about the brand as a business, just like our clients do.

Drawing on my broad experience in drug lifecycle management and communications, I’m here to evolve our foundational strategic thinking in healthcare, and partner with our healthcare clients to translate insights into action that will develop and grow their brands.