John McGarr


Chief Impact Officer, Alpha Impact Marketing

416.235.0909 x105

I’m a really a lifelong student – of marketing, people, and culture. These things are so complex, changing and fluid, there’s always something new to learn. It’s not that I ignore my past experience – far from it. But I always guard against complacency – it’s the only way to ensure that the strategies I propose to clients speak directly to their specific needs.

When Karen and I started Fresh Squeezed Ideas, we were driven by a conviction that no single strategy can be applied generally to new scenarios.

I had seen many consultants try to draw on their past successes without adapting to new contexts. They package their counsel as “best practices.” It sounds good, but it ignores the complexity of human beings.

But if it’s not best practices, what is it? Our approach accounts for complexity, and recognizes that success doesn’t always come easily or quickly. Every marketer wants their business to take off instantaneously. But most “overnight success” are actually the result of years of planning, testing, learning and determination.


Our clients recognize that cookie-cutter strategies offer slim odds of engineering a breakout brand. We put together all their knowledge and experience, add our own perspective and analysis, and come up with amazingly wonderful opportunities they couldn’t see before.

Complexity can feel challenging, but with the right approach, it becomes the very thing that makes breakout brands possible.