Reincarnation: The Death and Rebirth of Marketing

Our first published book is here! Reincarnation: The Death and Rebirth of Marketing challenges marketers from all sectors to do better than just ‘jam’ consumers’ social media channels. Instead, it urges brands to become a ‘Force for Good’ in the lives of the end users they serve.

“More has changed in brand marketing in the last two years than the previous 50. How consumers engage with brands they care about, and the path to securing their attention has transformed. Executives are left with a perplexing array of sea changes in consumer behavior and fragmented media that confounds conventional thinking about how to go to market.

Fresh Squeezed Idea’s book is a brilliant distillation of the challenges ahead for CEOs and CMOs trying to understand what the key drivers are for sustainable business results. There’s a new world order with respect to how brands and businesses are built. They has provided a roadmap to thinking more clearly about what constitutes sound strategy.

There is a secret sauce. The recipe can be found in these pages. I highly recommend this book to anyone in a decision making position on business and marketing strategy. Reincarnation will help you better understand why ROI has been hard to come by in today’s digital-dominated world, what causes consumers to engage with one brand over another, and what the key principles are that govern successful engagement. Fresh Squeezed Idea’s book is refreshingly free of jargon and offers clear counsel on the path forward.”

– Robert B. Wheatley, CEO, Emergent — The Healthy Living Agency

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