Collaboration is at the heart of Fresh Squeezed Ideas.

Our best conversations (and liveliest debates) happen on two curved orange couches that usually live in our ‘Collaboration Kitchen’, where we collaborate on building breakout brand strategies as a team.

Just for fun, we took a couch out on the town for a day to immerse it in different environments and social situations, photographing it with friends and strangers. Explore the images below to see what social contexts and cultural associations our team found in the images — things that others might miss. The results were both entertaining and thought-provoking.

Clothing can define and shape our daily lives and connects to our state of mind. Our choices can express our values, mark us as part of a tribe or function as camouflage. These are the tools to invent ourselves, to transform how others see us.

This reminds us that we live in a performance culture, where we are called on to not only curate an identity, but to perform it in an over-the-top “Next Idol” kind of manner. In this case, finding solitude to sing is a private indulgence that may have very different meaning than the public performance.

Especially in urban environments, space is a scarce commodity that gets repurposed to suit the needs of the society. In what might otherwise be the “bowels of the city” where all that is unfit for our eyes is hidden, our new boundary-free society transforms an alleyway into a welcoming playspace.

Body language is an intriguing window into the relationships people build through physical interaction. Open poses, facing each other and the removal of pieces of clothing reveal feelings of safety, security and familiarity. This image suggests equality and a platonic relationship, characteristic of the Millennial generation.

This image is a metaphor for how digital spaces are where much of the innovation and ‘action’ is in our current world – it is the space that demands our attention. At the same time, the ‘real’ public space (i.e. a place for people to connect face to face) is undervalued and underused. Often underfunded and poorly taken care of.  The empty couch is an open invitation.

This image is rife with tensions, represented by the physical space between the two people. But, surprisingly, it is the adult using mobile technology to shut out the outside world, while the youth is trying to engage. The boundaries between generations are coming down around us.

This is about private spaces being creates in public places. It takes a special relationship to draw people together in the rain to share time and conversation. The freedom to be carefree is precious.

We are reminded that there is a need for and value in tangible permanence within this digital, transient world we live in. From vinyl audio to handmade articles, there is a growing turn away from the sharing economy and a return to the permanence that has been lost.

The ‘proteur’ – the professional amateur – ends her day job to run over to the bakery in the evening to work on her passion; the craft of making these intricate cakes. She hopes she will be successful doing what she loves. This is the new “working class hero” – where passion is the currency that is the requirement for success. The risk of upset is ever-present.

Behind the Scenes

Check out some clips from our fun day of shooting our iconic orange couch throughout the city of Toronto.