Thought Leadership

We have a point of view about the integration of Behavioral Science & Cultural Anthropology and we love to share it!

CONFERENCE: IIeX Health 2019, June 3-4, PhiladelphiaWe will be walking the audience through our human-sciences based innovation process. This process leverages the power of Anthropology and Behavioral Sciences beyond market research, embedding them at every step of the way. In partnership with McKesson Canada, we used this process to push past traditional consumer insights and research methods, and create a truly differentiated approach to offerings in the Canadian pharmacy space. We moved outside of the research facility to understand who the person behind the patient/caregiver is. This enabled the team to reimagine the very meaning and role of the pharmacy in people’s lives.


PANEL DISCUSSION: American Marketing Association’s (AMA) Behavioural Marketing Panel, February 27, 2019: an engaging discussion of behavioural economics and how it is used in marketing.

SPEAKING: HealthTO, April 3, 2019: Discussing the future of innovation in health and wellness.

CONFERENCE: IIeX Behavior 2018, November 7-8, Chicago: We delivered a Workshop about the integration of Behavioral Science & Cultural Anthropology.

WEBINAR: Getting Ahead of the Crisis: Integrating Behavioral Science & Cultural Anthropology to Prevent Suicide Among Soldiers.
Presented by Major Scott Edwards, PHD MAJ, MS, ARNG, Senior Psychological Health Advisor, Joint Surgeon’s Office at the National Guard Bureau, Delia Jacobson VP of Insight & Strategy at Fresh Squeezed Ideas and Mikayla Ford Senior Behavioral Strategist at Fresh Squeezed Ideas. View the webinar here.

CONFERENCE: IIeX North America, June 11-13, 2018, Atlanta: Fresh Squeezed Ideas was a Gold Sponsor.

  1. Workshop: How to Make Your Brand Really Matter, presented by Dr Rajwant Sandhu our Behavioral Science Practice Lead & Alex Spalding, Associate Strategist
  2. Roundtable: Meshing Behavioral Science & Cultural Anthropology hosted by Delia Jacobson, Director of Insight & Strategy & Mikayla Ford, Behavioral Strategist
  3. Presentation: CodeScaping 101: Combining Behavioral Science and Cultural Anthropology by Alex Spalding, Associate Strategist

CONFERENCE: IIeX Behavior Europe, May 10, 2018, London, UK: Fresh Squeezed Ideas is a Visionary Sponsor. Dr Rajwant Sandhu, our Behavioral Science Practice Lead is delivering a keynote about infusing traditional market research methods with Behavioral Science approaches.

CONFERENCE: IIeX Health, March 27, 2018, Philadelphia: Fresh Squeezed Ideas was a Silver Sponsors. Delia Jacobson, our Director of Insight & Strategy is speaking alongside our client Scott Edwards, Chief Behavioral Science Officer at the Indiana Army National Guard, about Mapping Integrated Patient Journey’s by Combining Behavioral Science & Cultural Anthropology.

CONFERENCE: IIeX Europe, February 19 & 20, 2018, Amsterdam: Delia Jacobson, our Director of Insight & Strategy is speaking about Integrating Behavioral Science & Cultural Anthropology in Customer Journey’s.

CONFERENCE: IIeX Behaviour, November 7 &8 2017, Chicago: We sponsored a workshop about the Attribute Elicitation Task (AET). Click to view more!

CONFERENCE: Brand2Global 2017: The Global Marketing Conference, October 2 -3, 2017, Silicon Valley, CA

WEBINAR: The Impact of Behavioral Science on Marketing Decisions. View the Recording here.

CONFERENCE: IieX North America, June 12-14, 2017, Atlanta

  1. Presentation: Application of Behavioral Science to Market Research
  2. Workshop: Task Don’t Ask! A real-life application of the Attribute Elicitation Task
  3. Roundtables: Four Behavioral Science Principles that must always be applied to market research
  4. IIeX Innovation Competition: Showcasing our Attribute Elicitation Task tool as new development in market research

CONFERENCE: IieX Health, April 4, 2017, Philadelphia

WEBINAR: Power of Purpose, The Future of Business & Brand Strategy, March 7, 2017. Click here to view the video recording.

WEBINAR: Behavioural Economics: Marketing’s Latest Shiny New Thing, Or The Tipping Point For Marketing Transformation?, MRIA Prairie Chapter, February 3, 2017

CONFERENCE: Stuck Between Two CFOs – How to Get Out. FFWD Marketing & Advertising Week, February 2, 2017.

WEBINAR: Behavioural Economics: Marketing’s Latest Shiny New Thing, Or The Tipping Point For Marketing Transformation?, NewMR, December 7, 2016

CONFERENCE: Seven Truths to Break the Cycle of Underperforming Marketing Investments, IIex Forum on Nonconscious Consumers, November 15, 2016

CONFERENCE: Reincarnation: The Death and Rebirth of Marketing, MRIA Net Gain, November 3, 2016

SPEAKER SERIES: How to Build a Powerful Brand Purpose. Fresh Squeezed Ideas hosts Susan Helstab, Former CMO of Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts. October 20, 2016

WEBINAR: Building Brands That Attract and Engage Fans, CMO Council, September 2016

CONFERENCE: Reincarnation: The Death and Rebirth of Marketing, BBR 2016

CONFERENCE: IIeX North America 2015. The New Marketing Evangelism: Using Values-Based Brand Strategy to be a Force for Good

WEBINAR: Measuring Nonconscious Impact and the Application of Neuroscience, November 2014

CONFERENCE: Advancing Marketing as a Force for Good in the World through Qualitative Research, Qual360 North America