Improving Patient-HCP communication with an app

How can a pharma company create an app that supports the patient-physician journey for a new, and de-legitimized, disease state?

The Challenge

Our pharmaceutical client recognized the need to help patients and physicians create a sense of urgency around an under-defined and de-legitimized condition. They were seeking digital avenues (an app) to shift the approaches to health and care for this chronic condition.

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Our Perspective

Developing effective digital medicine tools is an intensive and complex process. For this challenge, we took an approach that combined ethnography, behavioral science, and experience design to help our clients build an app that would optimize engagement.

Thematic over Scripted – to understand the context behind the participants, contextualizing their answers and behaviors, and ultimately understanding the deeper why behind their actions.

Implicit over (solely) Explicit - leveraging projective tasking, memory exercises, and naturalistic observation to understand how a digital tool is implicitly experienced and understood.

Co-creative and Collaborative over One-Sided - leveraging co-creative methods and frameworks to ensure that we are learning from the end-user and incorporating the learnings as we move through the multiple creative iterations.

Our Approach

Discovery and Prototype Auditing:

  • Cross-regional hypothesis generation to understand what people want when it comes to health-related apps
  • Prototype audit and market scan to best leverage and integrate human-centric design approaches

Ethnographic Behavioral UX Interviews

  • Conducting immersive multi-sprint UX testing with multiple user groups to ideate, co-create and implement evidence-based app refinements

Rapid ideation & co-creation workshop series

  • Multiple workshops held with diverse internal client stakeholders after each sprint to evaluate emerging learnings and integrate refinements into a prototype

Implementation - Product Delivery

  • Delivered prototype of digital product for launch in multiple regions with considerations and recommendations for future steps

Our Impact

We impacted two key areas:

1. Uncovered implicit barriers to app usage

2. Identified the strategies needed to elevate the UX and foster adoption and long-term engagement

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Crucial App Uptake Requirements
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Key findings
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