We have six Lunch ‘n’ Learns that we offer (and love delivering)

Each session is customized to address your current business challenges or questions. Everyone will leave inspired and armed with new knowledge and concepts that will help them build the best brands in the market.


The Power of Human Sciences in BusinessThe Power of Human Sciences in Business

In this Lunch ‘n’ Learn, we bring the power of cultural anthropology and the insight of behavioral sciences together to identify key areas for business growth. We will immerse participants in our human sciences toolkit and the key principles and methods that can help teams solve their meatiest challenges. If you and your team want to learn more about the role that human sciences can play in growing your business, and uncover some of the key principles and methods you can readily apply in your work, join us for our Human Sciences Lunch ‘n’ Learn. Book Now!


BSI 101: Why Behavioral Science is Critical to Marketing Success

This session introduces the basics of behavioral science—that term everyone’s been talking about—as it applies to marketing and market research. We break down the concept of system 1 and system 2 thinking as well as many of the behavioral “heuristics” and biases that challenge the assumptions made by traditional market research and marketing. But we don’t leave you hanging! We take a challenge that you’re currently working through and, using 4 targeted principles, each exemplified by a real world case study, we equip your team with the basics they need to leverage the power of behavioral sciences in the work they’re doing right now! Book Now!


BSI 201: Behavioral Science, Beyond the NudgeBSI 201: Behavioral Science, Beyond the Nudge

Behavioral Science is a powerful tool that helps us not only understand what actually motivates and drives people’s decision- making and behavior, but critically it reveals how we can intervene to actually impact those decisions and behaviors. If you want to learn how to get beyond the rational and to the implicit motivations, and how to nudge behavior by leveraging the heuristics and biases that people use everyday in order to make all the decisions they need to, join us for our Lunch ‘n’ Learn on Applying Behavioral Science to Marketing. Book Now!


Beyond Ethnography & Trends: Anthropology for Today’s Business Challenges

This session focuses on teaching teams different ways they can leverage Cultural Anthropology, beyond its most renowned meth-od, ethnographic interviewing and immersion. We walk teams through our cultural forces framework, helping them identify different shifts that are shaping the future of their business and category. With a focus on Wellness, we move past (fleeting) trends, and uncover the deeper shifts that are shaping our social world more largely. If you are interested in better understanding what the future holds, join us in the Cultural Anthropology Lunch and Learn. Book Now!


Merging Worlds: Leveraging Human Sciences to Bridge the Gap in Life SciencesReimagining Patient and Customer-Centricity

In this Lunch ‘n’ Learn, we use human sciences principles and methods to expand teams’ understanding of the patient, caregiver, and HCP experiences. We do this by exploring some of the key myths that structure how life sciences companies approach people, uncovering how people’s experiences differ from what we think they are and, identifying spaces for truly innovative engagements by merging these two worlds – yours and your customers. If you are interested in pushing the boundaries of what patient and customer-centricity looks like, please join us for our Life Sciences Lunch ‘n’ Learn. Book Now!


Implicit Testing: Scientific Evidence That Can Drive Marketing SuccessImplicit Testing: Scientific Evidence That Can Drive Marketing Success

The rise of behavioral science has highlighted the importance of getting at and leveraging implicit drivers and barriers to human behavior and decision-making. However, there are many terms and tasks that may be unfamiliar and hard to navigate without a psychology background. This lunch and learn provides you with a crash course in implicit measures. We first differentiate between true implicit measures versus speeded responses and when to use each. Then, we explore several Reaction Time (RT) based implicit measures and the business challenges they are best suited to answer. The case studies we use highlight how these measures can provide a unique level of implicit insight that is hard to come by with traditional methods. Book Now!


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