Silvia Xoyon


Just as our work connects with consumers, patients, and doctors as humans, I too strive to connect with our clients as people.
Silvia Xoyon

As head of business development, my mission is to actively listen, to collaborate and then to advocate on our clients’ behalf to ensure we craft intelligent, actionable solutions. I have been known to jump through hoops to deliver true value for our clients, and I have yet to tackle a challenge that I thought was insurmountable. Equal parts consultative creativity and disciplined analysis are what give me my edge, and what enables me to consistently help build clients’ businesses.

For over 15 years, I have provided excellence in insight-driven solutions to blue chip clients in the pharmaceutical, fashion, prestige beauty, and consumer packaged goods industries, both in North America and globally. In business and in life I appreciate humor, spice and polish. I have a passion for fine wines, international cuisine, and exploring the planet like a local.

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