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Our philosophy at Fresh Squeezed Ideas is that if you keep following so called marketing 'best practices', you will only get what has been done or conceived of before, with no guarantee of results. While we make judicious use of tried and true methods, we pursue fresh, more relevant, and more powerful approaches that can step change business.


Service Excellence

We create delightful client experiences


By having the bravery to explore all possibilities in our drive to the right solution, not the easy one

Inspire Change

We have a tenacious appetite to instill passion through our work


In the process, we hunger to expand knowledge and perspective


And are true to ourselves and our team

‘We’ over ‘Me’

Amazing accomplishments result when no one cares who gets the credit


Just like if you walked into any of the world’s leading marketing consultancies, the first question you would likely ask if you came to visit us, is “where is everybody?”.  There is no doubt that we spend many hours at our desks, and in front of our laptops, or meeting in our shared collaboration space, but much more time is spent out in the field with the people who will ultimately benefit from our work. Our team consists of experts drawn from marketing and strategic brand planning, cultural and medical anthropology, behavioral science, business design, and innovation. Despite our diversity, we share a common focus, applying rigor and science to make sense of the cultural forces that drive breakout strategies.

In the profiles below, we mention certain “Cultural Forces.” To learn more about these and how today’s brands are embracing them in their strategies, visit our Cultural Forces Lab website.

What's my cultural fascination?


HaHistorical Authenticity

I have always had an interest in the history behind how we got to now. It is impossible to truly appreciate where we are and where we are going without understanding where we have come from. For brands, the past is where authenticity is rooted and is the basis upon which a future is necessarily built.

John McGarr



Karen McCauley brings a creative, driven approach to client services. She combines a long track record of developing innovative strategic solutions, with strong leadership skills.  Before co-founding Fresh Squeezed Ideas, Karen honed her skills working on intentionally challenging files at In-Sync Consumer Insight, Capital C, and Leo Burnett.

Karen McCauley

President, Fresh Squeezed Ideas Canada


SrRSmall 'r' Rebelling

I have always relished small acts of rebellion in everyday life. I naturally attempt to subtly transform the established social order as a way to assert individuality and gently create an impact.


Dorothy Czylyski, MSc

Senior Vice President, Business Operations



It is wonderful that knowledge is no longer a barrier. The line between pro and amateur is as thin as it has ever been because the wisdom of the crowd is at our fingertips. Success is now about effort, efficiency, and creativity.

Tim O'Rourke, PhD

Senior Vice President, Analytics Solutions


EpEnhancing Performance

This force pervades today’s society, and spans cultural divides. It makes its way into so many personal decisions about products and services. It raises questions about philosophical and biological sense of identity and motivation.

David Brown, MBA

Vice President, Insight and Strategy



I am intrigued by the democratization of expertise in the world of healthcare – a system traditionally built upon hierarchy, authority, and status. Tensions are high as power and access shift from providers to patients.

Delia Jacobson, MPH

Director, Insight & Strategy


MmMultiplying Masculinities

This gives me hope. Hope that personal interests, strengths and motivations, can drive our journeys through life, rather than being limited and steered based on our biologies. As we continue to break down barriers based on sex, race, religion, ability, age and SES, we all become ‘just peeps’. Imagine that.

Rajwant Sandhu, PhD

Director, Behavioral Science Insights & Strategy


TtTransparency for Trust

We live in an exciting time where access to information and the power of the collective are at an all time high. I look forward to seeing how this force impacts the decisions of individuals and corporations – ideally leading to more trust and efficiency in the public and private sectors.

Mikayla Ford

Behavioral Strategist



Re is a cultural force of particular interest to me. Maybe because Re is crucial to fight off cynicism. I love that, we can find and activate enchantment in unsuspected places, given our senses are open to it, that we are ready to be unsettled and that we willingly surrender to the unknown. I find the quest to unearth those tiny nuggets of magic quite…well… re-enchanting.

Marie-Eve Boucher, MA

Practice Lead, Social & Cultural Anthropology


TtTransparency for Trust

Today’s generation is trained to be critical thinkers with high media literacy. When even transparency is met with skepticism and possible cynicism, consistent and authentic brand experiences across all touchpoints will be crucial in cultivating trust.

Mali Schaefer



PcPhilanthropic Consumption

Choose, consume, repeat. Consume, repeat. Repeat. In a society habituated to consume yet aspiring to conserve, it will be exciting and necessary, to take part in shaping how product designs, built environments, organizations and social systems evolve to reduce waste.

Michael Trnkus



SrSensorial Real

Despite the expansion of the virtual sphere, we live in a tangible, material world with real bodies, and our experiences are sensory, sensual, and aesthetic. I often stop to consciously recognize and appreciate what my senses are perceiving; the busy streets make a good place for that.

Jin Su Joo, PhD

Associate Strategist, Social & Cultural Anthropology


MrMaster of Reality

To me, Master of Reality is about regaining a sense of control in a quickly evolving society and making each step I take an intentional one. I’m attracted to brands that allow me to fully indulge myself in a moment rather than watch it go by.

Kanika Singhal, Hon.BSc.

Associate Strategist


SrRSmall 'r' rebelling

In order to cultivate our own individual identities we sometimes engage in small acts of rebellion that don’t push the envelope too far.  When brands exhibit this kind of rebellion it helps us to confirm our unique sense of self,  and allows us to go beyond the monotony of everyday life.

Elyse Redquest, MA



EeExtreme Experience

We are trying to remove all risk from life and in so doing are becoming an anxious society. When we take a risk and fail, society should offer congratulations rather than blame.

Pat Wilson

Project Manager


IyInfinite Youth

I think that there is an abundance of skills that we could learn from those younger than us. Children are the masters of creativity and in some form or another, I think all of us as creatives are trying to get back to our younger creative minds. To have a youthful spirit is to understand that every street corner is a new adventure, boundaries are boundless, and even our simple backyards have the power to be endless.

Harleen Dorka

Production Designer


Shelley Johnson

Project Manager


Kacie O'Sullivan

Office Manager