Gay Lea

Fresh Squeezed Ideas has built a strong relationship with Nestlé and its many successful and market-leading brands. Our expertise in insight-based strategy development as well as the individual experience and tacit knowledge of the Nestle business, has allowed us to solve the company’s business challenges over the years.

In 2014, Nestlé came to us with the challenge of identifying a core consumer insight that would help relaunch the Smarties brand. Our research was focused on discovering the cultural elements that were driving the brand experience and the relationship it had with its consumers; ultimately we uncovered the role Smarties had in the lives of its consumers.

All insight work was done by our expert team of cultural anthropologists, behavioral scientists, and brand strategists, to uncover the underlying needs and desires of the consumer that weren’t obvious on the surface. Our approach consisted of focus groups in which our skilled moderator could dig deep and collect rich and valuable data. We also tested new pack designs ahead of the relaunch.

Through our insight research we uncovered that people like fun and carefreeness in their lives amidst the super-productive and busy world around us. Smarties allowed for fun play, and freed the brain to engage in a creative and relaxed way. The brand ignited ‘carefree playfulness’ in the lives of its consumers that allowed them to be live in the moment. These foundational insights collected were incorporated into two creative territories that were tested to identify the one that had greatest resonance with the brand. We later conducted ad testing in smaller triads to support the brand all the way into marketing execution.

This key insight helped the Smarties brand see an overall growth of 17% in 2016, in a category which is growing by only 5%. Smarties Everyday has grown 7% in the last year at a category growth of only 6%.

It has also led to advertising that was successful in conveying the Smarties role in consumers lives, and impactful in instilling feelings of nostalgia. When testing the ad, we found many viewers recognized the reinvented jingle, which reminded people of eating Smarties when they were little. You can watch both the new and old ads here. Enjoy!

Old Smarties ad with jingle. Remember?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpW3-hafRN4)

2015 Smarties ad based on our insights: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMzIzi9jYyw